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1953 born in Hamburg. Studied German, Philosophy and History. Trained as a Psychiatric Nurse. Worked for many years in Social-Psychiatric Institutions. 1990 moved to Greece. Worked in Tourism and gave Language Lessons.   Since 1998 I have lived on the Cycladic Island of Paros, where I mainly worked in Tourism and gave Language Lessons. In 2003, by a lucky set of circumstances, I was in contact with the Sculptress and Art Therapist Christiane Demenat. Even after a very short time during my first studies on her Marble courses (every year, 2 weeks in Spring on Paros) something very unusual happened to me: Although I was familiar with the techniques of Painting, Ceramics, Tie-Dying and other Arts; over the years, they never especially inspired me. Also, I never seriously considered myself to be especially creative, nor saw Art more than a hobby. Working with Stone changed many things for me: Very rarely in my life can I remember a moment of such clarity and transparency which signalled to me: here I belong, with hammer and chisel in my hand, and opposite of me, the Stone, the Marble. Such joyful, and partly fearful excitement; until now I had only known from the flush of first love. Indeed; today I don’t fear to say out loud the word “Love”: Love for Stone and Love for work.   I am greatly privileged to live on a small piece of this earth that has such a rich marble deposit and the most translucent marble in the World (The Lychnites) that is rarely found nowadays. However, other good quality marble you can find everywhere on the island; the beach, the riverbeds, the gardens, the walls and buildings, for example.  There is no need for me to go and purchase this. Very often I go looking for a particular stone; the shape, the texture, the size, as in the back of my mind, I have an idea of a theme to Sculpt. Maybe, more often, the stones find me; suddenly appearing in my vision.  A moment of attraction is acquired before I pick the stone up.   Similar to attraction between two people, who then try to form a relationship, I have this with my Stones. Stone and mankind are of a different being, which leads us to the conclusion that mankind is obviously more powerful.  He has imagination, fluidity, and the ability to use tools.  The stone on the other hand is, heavy, hard and unmoveable.  The relationship can therefore only be an unbalanced one. Mankind could use its power, using mechanisation to achieve its goal; creating sculptures that way.   Personally, I have chosen to create my Art in the manner of the old Greeks; using a hammer, chisel, and sandpaper for polishing.   It is a very long and tiring process. Very rarely, at the start, do I manage to visualise the final form of my Sculpture.  Therefore, during the process, I experience the joy of creating a balanced and close relationship with the Stone. Then I feel I have a dialogue with the Stone: its possibilities, its weaknesses and on the other side, my attempt to change its form. If we listen to each other during the working process, then we succeed in achieving my vision and Artistry, along with its character.  Then it is a present.   Some of the facets of my emotional experiences during my work have been expressed in my poetry.  You will find those under “Gedichte” (only in German.)   In the early years Sculpting was my enriching and beloved hobby.  It became increasingly, a very important part of my daily life.  Since 2008, I am a Member of IPAC (International Paros Art Circle)  Therefore I had the opportunity to exhibit my Sculptures in a Public forum.   I am deeply touched by the experiences that people gain from my Sculptures.  Even if there is only a small amount of energy remaining in the Sculpture, I am certain that it has a joyful and comforting effect on the viewer.  That is all I could wish for.
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